Teen Yoga Tribe

Teen Yoga Tribe brings together teens who love all things that make them feel happy, positive, grateful and inspired......including yoga, meditation, wellbeing and personal growth.


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Shahn Ahmad, founder of Teen Yoga Tribe, was inspired to launch Teen Yoga Tribe after attending Awesomeness Fest, www.awesomenessfest.com , in November 2014.

Teen Yoga Tribe is run by a team of teens (The Teen Team) who attend Shahn’s yoga classes. Their goal is to grow awareness of the benefits of yoga for teens. Who best to do this, than teens themselves! The Teen Team is gaining invaluable work experience learning how to grow a brand whilst being a part of something that transforms the lives of teens.

Shahn’s passion is to help children and teens connect with their true spirit, be authentic and live a fulfilled life. Each week, Shahn teaches yoga to 80 children and teens, aged 8 to 17. Her mission is to expand yoga and meditation to schools throughout London. Her dream is to travel the world teaching yoga to teens.

Shahn is a Teen Yoga Teacher, Relax Kids Coach and Maths Teacher. Shahn has trained with Dru Yoga (www.druworldwide.com) and with Charlotta Martinus of Teen Yoga (www.teenyoga.com) and Marneta Viegas of Relax Kids (www.relaxkids.com). In her prior career of 20 years, Shahn was an accountant working in the entertainment industry for companies such as Disney, Virgin and Blockbuster.

Our Clients Say it Best
  • Before I say anything else can I just say Thank You for the session! I thought this session was very helpful for me especially with my tennis. As soon as I walked into the room and saw the candle I felt relaxed. My favourite part was at the end when we were lying on the floor clearing our minds and calming our bodies. I can feel a lot calmer now and take the postures and use them when I'm in an argument or stressed. I really appreciate you taking the time for treating everybody in the session. Thank You!!!!–Dominique

  • It was just amazing. I am feeling so relaxed after the class and the music was soothing and made me feel good. I think Shahn is very passionate about yoga.It is because of her that I enjoyed the class so much. She is so lovely.–Sara

  • "I loved going to yoga and was able to relax and forget all about my worries. I also used some of the breathing techniques when I felt anxious in school."–Aisling

  • I have really enjoyed the classes and I think that I have improved on my balance a lot. I really enjoy the classes because they are fun. Thx a load for helping me! –Penny

  • Shahn is a calming influence and has a warm and welcoming manner; she is excellent with young children and with teens. She has the ability to make children feel that they really are capable of anything and she has the patience of a saint! My daughter attends yoga classes with Shahn and has found this very beneficial, particularly throughout her 11+ exams.–Marcella

  • Thank you so much for running the teen yoga classes. My daughter has really benefited from them. Having found the transition to high school very tough she really enjoyed waking up on Saturday morning to head off to "the most relaxing part of the week." Many thanks Shahn for teaching her techniques that she has been able to use in her day to day life.–Katrina

  • My son found the yoga sessions very enjoyable. He really enjoyed the time out to relax. Thank you! –Zahida