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Recently I have been feeling very stressed due to exams (read older blog post to learn how to cope with exams). With a lack of sleep and water, I have been restless and not myself. I’m normally really bubbly and love a good funny chat but recently I have been getting annoyed at the smallest of things. This has made falling out with friends very easy. I have snapped at many people and hurt a few people’s feelings that I didn’t mean to.

To add on to this, my anxiety can kick in if I start to feel very uncomfortable or something isn’t on routine. I really don’t like when I have fallen out with friends or have a lot of school work to do and little time to complete it in. Recently I have figured a few ways to help with feeling uneasy or upset.

Finish anything that needs to be done

Firstly I think the main thing that clogs my mind is if I have other things going on in my mind. If there’s a piece of homework that need to be completed, a book that you need to finish, a song that you need to finish listening to, whatever it is that you need to complete, just do it. Make time to do those things. Have a day or two to do the things that are needed to do.

Make lists

I find that if I have it written down on paper it is so much easier to think. I always make lists, for example I know there is a very busy day coming up and I still need to do a lot of things for work or school then I would make a list of what time I would have breakfast, whether I would shower and how long I will have to finish incomplete work.

Go to bed at a reasonable time

Personally, I am rubbish at keeping to this. I aim to get a full nine hours sleep, but normally I get about seven to eight. I can tell the difference in how my body functions when it’s awake and tired. I think that for me I am ALWAYS tired in the mornings. No matter what time I go to bed the night before I am always tired. I do think that during the day you feel so much happier and alive. This clears my head, as I am not just thinking about the fact that I could be sleeping.

Drink a LOT of water

As I said before, I’m not very good at keeping to this one either; I have a habit of forgetting that I have a water bottle in my bag all day. I tend to feel run down, tired, stressed and more uneasy if I haven’t drunk any water. This also causes headaches, and I HATE headaches so I strongly advise you to drink a lot.

Attend regular Yoga classes

Oh my word, yoga has helped me so much with overcoming uneasiness and stress. It releases any tension you have in your body and makes you feel so relaxed. You have time to think and gather your thoughts with a clearer mind. You look at everything from a positive view. I DEFINITELY recommend booking into Teen Yoga Tribes classes ☺.

Go for walks

Going for walks really helps me calm down if I’m upset or stressed. I like going for walks on luke warm nights where it’s just cold enough to cool you down but not too cold. I think it gives you time to think and look at the nature around you that is peaceful and calm. It makes you feel calm when your surroundings are peaceful. I like the fact that if you have been crying it cools your face down and you realise how it’s not that bad.

Take deep breaths

So many people have told me this, and it truly works. I have started to give this advice on to other people ad it really works. While I have been taking part in the yoga classes I have learnt that wherever you are and you feel stressed, you can stand in mountain posture (legs hip width apart, ground the feet, engage core slightly, roll shoulders back, lift your heart, lengthen your spine) and close your eyes, block everything out and breathe. Take deep breaths and concentrate on the ground, repeat to yourself ‘I am grounded, I am grounded’ and you should recover.

Last but certainly not least…

Let it out

When you have something that has just been welling up about for a long time, whether it’s something to cry about or you just want to get something off your chest. Let it out. Whether you cry, scream or break down, it’s better out than in because it just gets worse and you can’t let it out.

I hope this will help you, as these steps help me ☺

By Maia (age 13)
Teen Yoga Tribe


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